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An example of the souvenir onboard photo you can purchase in the gift shop.

onboard photo
  Countdown to Extiction mousepad

Old Countdown To Extinction (CTX) mousepad from 1998,
before it was renamed Dinosaur

Dinosaur Attraction Secret Code
courtesy of Only WDWorld

In the final stage of the ride queue for the DINOSAUR attraction, you will notice a lot of pipes. As you descend the stairs to the floor level where you will board the ride vehicle, look back in the direction in which you entered that room. You will see three pipes running horizontally across the room over what appears to be a large electric transformer. You will notice that there are words and chemical symbols on the pipes.

The surprise is that these chemical names were rumored to refer to the ingredients for ketchup, mustard, and mayonnaise in a tribute to McDonald's who was one of the original sponsors of the attraction.

  Condiment pipes

Instead of taking the rumor at face value, let's investigate a little further to see if it is true. By dusting off my old Chemistry Textbook and researching each of the ingredients listed here is what we get:


    Red Pipe: Ketchup
¦ Lycopersicon lycopericum = tomato
¦ C6H12O6 = Sugar or Corn Syrup
¦ CH3COOH = Vinegar
¦ (C6H12O6) = Another Sugar
¦ NaCl = Salt
¦ Allium cepa = Onion

    Yellow Pipe: Mustard
¦ CH3COOH = Vinegar
¦ H2O = Water
¦ Brassica juncea = Mustard Plant
¦ NaCl = Salt
¦ Curcuma Longa = Turmeric
¦ Allium sativum = Garlic

    White Pipe: Mayonnaise
¦ Glycine soja = Soybean Oil
¦ Ovae = refers to Egg, in this case Egg yolks
¦ CH3COOH = Vinegar
¦ H2O = Water
¦ NaCl = Salt
¦ C6H12O6 = Sugar (or Corn Syrup)
¦ Citrus limon = Lemon Juice


Mystery Solved:
If I was on the show Myth Busters, I would have to say that this Myth has been confirmed. Those chemical names and symbols on the 3 pipes actually do refer to the ingredients for Ketchup, Mustard, and Mayonnaise.

This is just another example of the great level of detail that the Disney Imagineers went to make the attractions realistic and fun for their guests.

So next time that you are in line to ride DINOSAUR, point to the red, yellow, and white pipes and amaze your friends.

Fun Facts
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