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Los Feliz Five and Dime Los Feliz Five and Dime

2638 1/2 Buena Vista Street

The first thing you may notice is this beautiful tiled window depicting the L.A. neighbourhood (Los Feliz) the shop is named after.

Tiled Window

Bob Hoskins plays Eddie Valiant, who receives his mail directly from the postman - Who Framed Roger Rabbit © Touchstone Pictures

Roger Rabbit and Eddie Valiant

E. Valiant - Eddie Valiant from Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988). Valiant was the circus clown turned heroic cop, who then turned into a drunken detective after an evil cartoon dropped a safe on his brother.

Eddie was played by real life actor Bob Hoskins, who starred alongside the animated Roger Rabbit.

A bit too sexy and risque to be a traditional Disney feature, the Academy Award-winning Who Framed Roger Rabbit was released under Disney's Touchstone Pictures.

Office Percival P. Peabody

Officer Percival P. Peabody - Disney's Hollywood Studios

P. Peabody - Officer Percival P. Peabody, one of the eccentric citizens from Disney's Hollywood Studios at the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida. Officer Peabody is entrusted with Keeping the streets of Hollywood safe, one star at a time.

Just around the corner from Los Feliz Five and Dime (who's address is 2632 Buena Vista Street), is an entrance to a private apartment at 2638 1/2 Buena Vista Street.

If you venture into the lobby, you will see these mailboxes.


The nameplates on the personal mailboxes feature a few familiar names with Disney ties. From left to right the names read; S. Toshiwara, E. Valiant, T. Ogelvie and P. Peabody.

Imagineer Brandon Kleyla reveals that S. Yoshiwara was a friend and fellow Imagineer Staci Rei Yoshiwara who passed away early in life due to diabetes-related complications during the theme park expansion and was honored with this tribute so she would always have a home there!

Apple Dumpling Gang

Don Knotts as Theodore Ogelvie (L) & Tim Conway as Amos Tucker - The Apple Dumpling Gang © Walt Disney Productions

T. Ogelvie - Theodore Ogelvie, was Don Knotts' hapless character from Walt Disney Productions' The Apple Dumpling Gang (1975) and its sequel, The Apple Dumpling Gang Rides Again (1982).

In the 1975 box office hit, Knotts teamed with comic actor Tim Conway, who co-starred as the dimwitted Amos Tucker.

Together, Theodore and Amos were a pair of inept outlaws, bumbling their way through the Wild West.

Peevy Peabody from The Rocketeer

Billy Campbell as Cliff Seacord & Alan Arkin as A. "Peevy" Peabody in The Rocketeer (1991).

Instead of a Florida based cop, the P. Peabody mailbox could belong to the Southern California-based mechanic from Bigelow's Air Circus.

The Rocketeer is set in 1938, during Hollywood's Golden Age, so Cliff and Peevy would fit right into Buena Vista Street's 1920's & 30's theming.

It would also explain who's been posting all of the Bigelow's flyers up and down Buena Vista Street.

The Walt Disney Pictures - Touchstone Pictures production, The Rocketeer (1991) is set in pre-World-War II Los Angeles.

Looking to acquire advanced weaponry, Nazi spies steal a prototype jet pack from aviation mogul Howard Hughes.

Despite the FBI, Nazi agents and local mobsters vying for the rocketpack, it ends up with stunt pilot Cliff Seacord.

With technical help (and trepidation) from his best friend and mechanic, A. "Peevy" Peabody, Seacord straps the jet pack on to become the heroic Rocketeer.
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