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Stretching Room

Guests are led into a small foyer by Cast Members dressed as maids and butlers , then guests are brought into an octagonal room, and encouraged to stand in the center of the room.

Then door they entered  becomes a wall, and the chilling voice of Paul Frees introduces himself as their "Ghost Host" and taunts them.

Your cadaverous pallor betrays an aura of foreboding, almost as though you sense a disquieting metamorphosis. Is this haunted room actually stretching? Or is it your imagination?

As the voice speaks, the audience's eye is drawn up to four portraits on every other wall of the octagonal shaped room.

The walls quietly stretch upwards, elongating the Marc Davis-designed paintings on them to reveal the comedic fates of previous guests.

A young demure woman holding a parasol... and calmly balancing on an unraveling tightrope... above the hungry jaws of a waiting crocodile.

A bearded man is seen in his red and white striped boxer shorts... while standing on a keg of dynamite...with a lit fuse.

An old lady sits... atop a tall gravestone... which features the bust of a man with an axe through his head.



The lights go out and a shrill scream shatters the air, followed by shattering bones.

The Ghost Host apologizes for frightening the guests so early, and a wall opens into a portrait corridor.


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Stretching Room
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Haunted Mansion plaque

A man with sideburns sitting on a  mustached man who is sitting... atop a lean, pale-looking gentleman... who is chest-deep in quicksand.

At the attraction in Disneyland, the room is, in fact, two elevators with no ceilings that are being lowered slowly to give the illusion that the room itself is stretching; this brings the guests down to loading area, below ground level. The ceiling above is a piece of fabric called a scrim, which conceals the hanging body until it is lit from above. This elevator effect was necessary to lower the guests below the level of the park-circling railroad at Disneyland. The actual ride building of this attraction is located outside of the berm surrounding the park, and the Disney Imagineers developed this mechanism to lower the guests to the gallery leading to the actual ride building.

This stretching room effect is duplicated at the three Mansions at other Disney theme parks, but only one of these requires guests being moved beyond the railroad tracks. The Walt Disney World and Tokyo Disneyland attractions have stretching rooms with ascending ceilings, rather than descending floors. Only Phantom Manor at Disneyland Paris uses the same descending floor as Disneyland, to transport guests toward the structure containing the major portion of the ride.



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