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Pinocchio's Daring Journey

Dream along with Pinocchio as you ride along in his adventure-filled journey. With a little help from Jiminy Cricket, maybe you can save Pinocchio from the perils of Pleasure Island.

And perhaps, if you wish upon a star, our little marionette will become a real boy after all.

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Jiminy Cricket
( Eddie Carroll)
(Will Ryan)

The effect of the Blue Fairy disappearing in the final scene of Pinocchio's Daring Journey is created through a trick called the Pepper's Ghost illusion.


When Lampwick turns into a donkey he's looking in a mirror and his human reflection is a hologram.

Fiber optics are used to create the illusion of fireworks in the skies of Pleasure Island as well as to simulate the fairy dust left behind on the floor as the Blue Fairy magically disappears.

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Fun Facts
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  Must transfer from wheelchair/ECV Audio Description Supervise Children at all times